The Cajun Crawfish is a family owned restaurant that was established early 2010. This Style of Vietnamese – Cajun food was originated in Texas/Louisiana in the late 1990’s, where many Vietnamese immigrants settled after the Vietnam War and adopted some of the Cajun style cooking, with their own. The Vietnamese love of seafood and spice, so they decided to create their own style of boiling seafood which made its way to the west coast. With the rising popularity of Crawfish in Southern California, we decided to bring it here to Washington State, with our first location being located in Seattle.

With the Northwest having an abundance of seafood and a diverse food scene it made sense to open up a Cajun Restaurant in Seattle! Hence the Cajun Crawfish was born. The Cajun Crawfish specializes in Vietnamese – Southern seafood cuisine. We combine our Vietnamese flavors with Cajun seasoning and fresh succulent seafood, to deliver a delicious home cooked southern experience!

We have almost every type of seafood that you can think of Crawfish, Sea Snails, King crab legs, Gulf Shrimp, Clams and much, much more… Try our variety of delicious seafood’s with one of our many sauces including our famous “Whole Boom Bang” sauce. We promise you will find your self-wanting more! For those who aren’t as daring we do have the classic sauces “Original Cajun” “Garlic Butter” and “Lemon Pepper”. Don’t forget to choose your spice level; we have a range from non-spicy all the way up to crazy hot!!!

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