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What is Crawfish

Crawfish are well-associated with Louisiana and their Cajun culture, however, it has changed and adapted in other places like Texas, California, and the Pacific Northwest.

So, whether you’re a seasoned regular or are new to the crawfish game, there are a few different ways you can enjoy this little crustacean.

Since crawfish thrive in humid climates and freshwater environments, you can find and fish for them in lakes, ponds, and creeks, or any other slow-moving freshwater source. But if you don’t want to put in the work, you can order crawfish from one of the following ways:

If you’re a business, you’d probably want to order from a directly from a supplier, but if you’re just an average person who wants to enjoy a good meal, heading to your local seafood market, or even better, dining at a restaurant will give you the full experience of eating crawfish.

When is Crawfish in Season

In general, crawfish season runs from January to October with its peak season in Spring (April and May).

Where can I Eat Crawfish?

If you’re looking for a more traditional feel, Louisiana will always be the birthplace of Cajun food. But if you want an Asian twist to it, Vietnamese-Cajun or simply, Viet-Cajun, may be your best bet. From where, you ask? Houston, Texas, and other highly populated Vietnamese settlements in southern California and Seattle.

With Houston and New Orleans being next door neighbors and sharing the Gulf, the melting pot of those two cuisines fused to create something new to bring to the table.

So, where to order crawfish may differ depending on whether you’re a business owner or a foodie, but to make life easier, check out your local restaurants and travel to experience the different flavors!

Immigrants from Vietnam found their way to southern California and Houston, blended/fused/share the Gulf with next door neighbor, Louisiana, and inevitably the birth of Viet-Cajun.

Cajun – French-Canadian settlers who moved to Louisiana; heavily spiced and hearty

Vietnamese-Cajun, or “Viet Cajun” –

Louisiana (Season Jan – July)

You can find Louisiana crawfish at · Louisiana Crawfish Company (http://www.lacrawfish.com/) – oldest shipper of live Louisiana crawfish since 1985.

California (July – Oct) · http://www.californiacrawfish.com/#why-buy-from-us

Washington (May – Oct)

Texas – Houston – Vietnamese Cajun (Jan – Aug)

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